BA Biology-Wittenberg University
22 years experience as Medical Laboratory Scientist

400+ trilobite species in personal collection

Prepared countless invertebrate fossils and
50+ invertebrate fossils since 1995

Spoke and demonstrated basic fossil collecting,
identification and preparation

Since 1995, published 30+ articles and
1 book with another on the way

Advised collectors about how
to assemble their own prep lab

Published 20+ photographs since 1993
4 first place photography awards

Mid-America Paleontology Society (MAPS)
North Coast Fossil Club
Dry Dredgers
Columbus Rock and Mineral Society
Western Interior Paleontology Society
The Paleontological Society

mvc-136s.jpg (38301 bytes)
Priscacara liops, Green River Fm, Kemmerer, Wyoming
mvc-138s.jpg (38793 bytes)
Asteropyge sp., Morocco
mvc-137s.jpg (20936 bytes)
Carpoid - Castericystis vali, House Range, Utah

Marc with plate of 40+ cystoids
from Ontario Quarry

Marc Behrendt:  My passion in fossil collecting lies predominantly with trilobites. They appeal to me because I can hold one, look at it and imagine it as a living animal. I travel from Indiana to Kentucky to New York and Ontario in search of bugs. I immensely enjoy travelling through the western US to collect their numerous Cambrian trilobite species.

I look for trilobites, but I'll pick up any decent fossil that shows itself. I believe a good collection should exhibit all the available fauna to exhibit the species diversity of the preserved animals.

I really enjoy trading trilobites with folks from all over the country and world. Meeting new friends, learning about their lives, their collections and collecting opportunities is what fossil collecting is about. We share the specimens unique to our homes and add new material to our personal collections.

When a trade is worked out, that is when things really get fun! A box arrives and it feels just like Christmas morning. No matter what is inside, I am thrilled to see all the unusual and new specimens and goodies.   If you are interested in putting together a trade, drop me a line. Tell me what your interests are and I'll try to match them.



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