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Specimen: Eucalyptocrinites crassus
Location: St. Paul, Indiana
Period: Silurian
Formation: Waldron Shale
Dimensions: see below
Price: $75
Item: ech-14-Euc E1

Crown 25 mm
Stem 40 mm
matrix: 150 x 110 mm

Featured is a Silurian Crinoid from the famous Waldron Shale in St. Paul, Indiana.  The crinoid crown is good on top, the bottom portion was not preserved.  The images show the preservation of the piece. 

 Crinoids from the Waldron are becoming harder to find, and most public sites have been closed to collecting.

  This specimen was obtained from an old collection, and then professionally reprepared by Marc Behrendt and has no restoration to the bug or matrix.

The pictures illustrate the quality of this piece.

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